Three Technologies All Businesses Need

Stable and secure systems are a top priority with all computer users.  Beyond that, there are three simple and inexpensive technologies that all businesses need to protect and share their information.


Namely, a completely automated backup and disaster recovery system.

Most everyone knows what backup is and thankfully most people are already using backup some sort. Many, though, are only using a file backup system that may miss some of your important user files such as your email, contacts, or accounting files. Also, backups are likely to be missed if the system isn’t truly automatic.

The goal is to have a system that catches all user data and have the systems configured not to miss the scheduled backups.

File Sharing and Sync

Anyone can email a file to a co worker or colleague but when large graphic files or ongoing collaboration is necessary, email isn’t the best solution. A full blown file server is expensive and network shares on individual laptops disappear when a user is out in the field. There are two simple and inexpensive solutions to this.

Online Sync Service – There are several free services that are designed to automatically synchronize files between computers and devices so all of your data can be up to date and available wherever you are and even on your phone

Network Attached Storage – This is simply an external hard drive that connects directly to the network. Any data on the device can be accessible to anyone in the network or even from the internet.


Groupware is a system for sharing your email, contacts, and calendar data in real time.

Most users have experience with Outlook. An example of groupware is Microsoft Exchange which can run on a server that Outlook connects to. Exchange connects all of the users Outlook profiles so that they can, at their option, share a calendar with all users, allow another user to view and add contacts to their list, even delegate someone else to answer email. All of this is in turn synced with mobile devices immediately and automatically.

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