Home Service

If you are currently having a problem with your computer, feel free to give me a call or email me with questions or to set up an appointment.

On-Site Service

Most any issue can be dealt with in a two hour house call for $160.00. During this time, we can cover any issues you have,  handle training on any tasks you would like, and install and configure utilities to keep the system healthy. Extra hours are billed at $80.

These services also include help with your other digital devices including your phone, tablet, wireless network, and most other electronic devices.

Full Service Repair

Some computer issues require more attention. In these cases, the computer will be taken to the shop and repaired over night. The charge for this service including delivery and setup, is only an extra $65.00

Many issues, though, require no service at all. If your question can be answered quickly with an email, you’ll just get a reply with a link to your answer.

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