Pocket: Save articles and read them on any device

You’ll notice that synchronization is one of my biggest themes. This touches a bit on organization as well.

Bookmarks (or Favorites) in a browser are useful for sites you go back to often but for articles you want to save and read later, a better solution is needed. My favorite solution to this problem is Pocket (

Pocket is a web site, a mobile app, and a bookmarklet that work in conjunction to add any page you find on the web to your reading list. After you make an account, you are given instructions on how to had a link (a bookmarklet) to your browser to automatically save the current page into your reading list. Later, you can log into and find all of your articles, reformatted for readability, and marked either read or unread. You can save them indefinitely in your archive or delete them as your read them. Another bonus is that once you open the mobile app they are downloaded to the device so you can read them offline (like on an airplane)

This is the short version. If you are at work and see a article you want to read, click on the bookmarklet and later that night you can read it ¬†reformatted on your iPad, in the park. …and now you don’t have to clog your bookmarks with articles you’ll never get around to reading.

Pocket (

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