Laptop bag for a desktop replacement

17 inch desktop replacement laptops are great until you have to move them.  They have the tendency to flex under their own weight and require extra protection and briefcases large enough to accommodate them are unwieldy. The best strategy is to get a well built sleeve that holds only the laptop. For this, I recommend the Tom Bihn Brain cell. If you still need room for other accessories, there are other options but the Tom Bign is still my top choice.

Tom Bihn Brain Cell

It’s really simple but it’s solid, does it’s job and (most importantly) its easy to get your computer in and out with one hand.  Use the “Fit List” to pick a size. ($60)

SwissGear Laptop Backpack
Something like this is a little more clunky but for less money you get more space. They don’t offer a lot of protection but they are better than nothing. ($50)
Case Logic Value Laptop Bag
Something like this offers much better protection than the backpack but they are really a  pain to use on a daily basis ($30)
Another option still is a wheeled bag; But then you’d have a dignity issue to contend with.
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