Dropbox: Setting Up Shared Folders With Clients

Dropbox makes it very easy to share folders with others. If you aren’t familiar with Dropbox or need help installing it, click here. If you already have Dropbox, this is a good strategy for sharing files with multiple colleagues and clients without it getting confusing.  Bear with me a bit.

  1. Inside your Dropbox folder, make a folder called “Shares” or something similar to keep them separate from your other files.
  2. Inside that folder, make a new folder and name it after yourself our your business.
  3. Right click on that folder and, under “Dropbox,” choose “Share this Folder.”
  4. Your browser should pop up and ask you the email addresses of person or people with whom you would like to invite.
  5. Now go back to the folder in your Dropbox and find the folder that was named after your self (the one we just shared) and rename it to the name of the person to whom it was shared.

Now, the reason for naming the folder after yourself, sharing it, and then renaming it, is because of this: the invitation sent to your client will call the folder whatever it was named when you sent the invitation. So, you should name it what you think it should in THEIR folder before you share it, then rename it to what you want it to be in YOUR folder after you’ve sent the invitation. They will have a folder with your name and you will have a folder with their name.

The the invitation will be sent over email and if they already have a Dropbox account, they will just accept the invitation. If they don’t have an account, it will show them how to make one. If they need any help with that, you can send them a link to this.

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