Dropbox: File sync across multiple computer and devices

Given that we all have multiple computers and mobile devices to manage, one thing that makes working easier is having all of your important files available to you regardless of what device you are using. With a file synchronization service, you are able to save a document to your computer and automatically have it synchronize to a server and, in turn, any other device using that same account. Right now there are many competing services that can do this (including Google Drive and Microsoft Skydrive) but currently, Dropbox has the largest user base. Skydrive and Google drive give you more storage for free but no one uses them yet. When one of them becomes more popular, switching will be easy.

To get Dropbox, click HERE to make a free account and follow the instructions. After you make an account, you can install the Dropbox utility and install it on your computer. Once installed, anything copied into the your “Dropbox” folder will instantly and automatically be copied to the server. Once you install the DropBox utility on your other computers and your phone, those same files can be accessed from there as well.

Make a free Dropbox account here

Dropbox for iPhone/iPad

Dropbox for Android

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