Windows Search: Stop digging through the start menu

I see people spending a lot of time looking for things they should just be “searching” for. Give this a try and see if this makes things easier On Windows Vista and Windows 7 machines, instant search is available directly from the start menu. When you want to open a program, instead of digging through

formats Install and Update Basic Utilities

On typical home computer, I need to make sure the following are installed and up to date: Google Chrome Skype iTunes Hulu Flash .NET Silverlight Adobe Air OpenOffice Adobe Reader Microsoft Security Essentials Malwarebytes Dropbox Teamviewer Before Ninite, this was a task that would take an hour or so of going to each program’s website,


Pocket: Save articles and read them on any device

You’ll notice that synchronization is one of my biggest themes. This touches a bit on organization as well. Bookmarks (or Favorites) in a browser are useful for sites you go back to often but for articles you want to save and read later, a better solution is needed. My favorite solution to this problem is


FaxZero: Free Internet Fax

With a land line, many computer and all-in-one printers are capable of sending and receiving faxes. Even without a land line, there are many paid services including eFax and InterFAX which allow you to send and receive faxes from your computer. If you only send the occasional fax and don’t need to receive them, FaxZero allow you fax a document for


Dropbox: Setting Up Shared Folders With Clients

Dropbox makes it very easy to share folders with others. If you aren’t familiar with Dropbox or need help installing it, click here. If you already have Dropbox, this is a good strategy for sharing files with multiple colleagues and clients without it getting confusing.  Bear with me a bit. Inside your Dropbox folder, make a folder


Dropbox: File sync across multiple computer and devices

Given that we all have multiple computers and mobile devices to manage, one thing that makes working easier is having all of your important files available to you regardless of what device you are using. With a file synchronization service, you are able to save a document to your computer and automatically have it synchronize


Three Technologies All Businesses Need

Stable and secure systems are a top priority with all computer users.  Beyond that, there are three simple and inexpensive technologies that all businesses need to protect and share their information. Backup Namely, a completely automated backup and disaster recovery system. Most everyone knows what backup is and thankfully most people are already using backup

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